Cognella Startup Kit – Page 5

Cognella Publisher Partners 

As part of our effort to make publishing easy, effective, and affordable, we’ve partnered with a variety of leading publisher partners to provide our authors with a wealth of reputable and relevant third-party content options. All content published by our partners is pre-cleared and available at significantly reduced permission rates. We offer a complimentary consultation to help you find quality third-party content for your text. Contact your editor for more details. View a full list of our publisher partners at:

The Cognella Digital Library

Much of the content from our publisher partners is available online in the Cognella Digital Library, making it easy to peruse and select third-party content for your book. Our digital library offers a diverse collection of tens of thousands of book chapters, articles, and cases, covering an extensive range of academic disciplines.

Within the library, you can search for readings, browse articles, save a list of content for consideration, and select readings for your Cognella textbook. Visit the library at:

Initial Licensing Review

After you submit your manuscript, your editor will schedule an initial licensing review. During this review, the Cognella licensing team will look over your list of proposed third-party content and evaluate your selections. Our team will provide an assessment as to whether the materials you selected are likely to be cleared and are reasonable in terms of cost. If our team feels they will not be able to secure permissions or reasonably priced licenses, your editor will contact you to discuss alternative content.

We do not finalize licensing at this stage of the process as manuscripts often evolve between this step and the publication of a first edition. When your manuscript is finalized, your book has been typeset, and we’re nearing the printing stage, our licensing team will secure all copyrights, licenses, and permissions necessary to publish your selections.