Cognella Startup Kit – Page 6

Organizing and Writing Original Materials

Whether you’re developing an insightful introduction for an anthology or crafting a wholly original work, we’re here to help you organize and develop original content for your text. Our dedicated editors will partner with you throughout your writing process and provide valuable feedback at every turn. If you’d like to talk through ideas for original content or discuss how certain pedagogical elements can contribute to the overall value of your book, contact your editor.

Table of Contents

When you submit your manuscript, we ask that you include a table of contents document to demonstrate the way in which you’d like the content to appear in your book. Your table of contents should include elements such as introductions, section titles, and pedagogical elements (preface, acknowledgments, glossary, etc.). This document provides our design and typesetting teams with clear direction as to how you would like your book to be organized.

Please note, a table of contents is very different than a readings and excerpts log or image log. While the table of contents represents all of the contents within your book (including original material created by you), your readings and excerpts log and image log only contain information about third-party content. We require separate documents from you as they serve distinctly separate purposes. If you have any questions regarding your table of contents, readings and excerpts log, or image log, please contact your editor.

Works by Contributors

The inclusion of contributor-authored chapters is a common practice in original works. You may have colleagues who offer to provide material for your book at no cost, for an agreed-upon fee, or in exchange for gratis copies. If you’d like to include contributor-written material in your book, talk to your editor before guaranteeing inclusion or any form of payment. Your editor will coordinate with our licensing team to provide contributors with necessary release forms. We ask that you include contributor information within your readings and excerpts log as well.

Please note, similar to contributed chapters or content, release forms are needed to use any of the following:

  • Interviews
  • Photographs taken by someone you know
  • Photographs taken by you or someone you know that depicts a person or persons
  • Class assignments written by your past students
  • Editing assistance provide by family, friends, or colleagues


Indexing is a standard practice for select Cognella book projects. If you’re unsure if your project has been slated for indexing, contact your editor. Please note, indexing adds to the cost of your book and will be reflected in its final price.