Licensing and Your Contributors

If you have contributors working on content for your book, you will need to provide the following information to your project editor:

  • Each contributor’s full name
  • Each contributor’s email address (we recommend asking for their personal email address, rather than a university address, in case their use of or access to this email account changes over time)
  • Each contributor’s expected contribution to the book (i.e., foreword, photos)

Note: It is essential that you identify contributors early on and notify your project editor quickly if there are any changes to the contributors or their projected contributions.

The Cognella licensing team will send each contributor our standard editorial release agreement. The contributor must sign this agreement for us to be able to include his or her writing in your book.

Keep in Mind: Your contributors should be writing something new for your book, not submitting a work they previously published. If a contributor asks to do so, we are obligated to treat it as third-party content and initiate a full licensing review.