Insightful Promotional Copy

Our content specialist will partner with you to develop insightful promotional copy that helps your title stand out in the market. Your promotional copy includes your book description and author biography.

A Compelling Book Description

A well-written book description provides potential adopters with a first impression of your book. This copy appears on the back cover of your book, on the Cognella website, in marketing emails, and on flyers and other promotional materials. We want this description to generate the greatest possible amount of interest in your book, so it should accomplish three main tasks:

  1. Highlight its unique value proposition and what it provides for students
  2. Speak to its organization and/or key topical areas, so that potential adopters understand what the book addresses and how they might be able to incorporate it in their curriculum
  3. Clearly identify the types of courses the book is most suitable to support

Here’s an excellent example of a compelling and complete book description:

Finding Your Career in Human Services by Shoshana D. Kerewsky

Finding Your Career in Human Services is a comprehensive guide for students preparing to enter the human services workforce. The text identifies strategic opportunities for students to sharpen their career knowledge and specific skillsets that support personal and professional growth. It incorporates critical topics for success including professional ethics, human diversity, personal motivation, and more.

Over the course of seven chapters, students learn effective approaches for job searches, exploring resources, and enhancing their professional development. Readers discover career tests and self-evaluation tools that can help them identify jobs that align with their personal strengths and interests. They learn how to utilize academic programs, field placements, and professional organizations to gain experience and explore employment possibilities. The text provides sage advice on interviewing, networking, and developing materials that will impress potential employers. It closes with a chapter dedicated to the growing areas in human services and newly created positions within the field.

Finding Your Career in Human Services is a valuable guide that helps undergraduate students in human services courses and programs prepare for a fulfilling career.

Your book description will average about 180 words so that the text fits neatly when printed on the back cover of your text.