A Worthy Biography

A great biography establishes professional credibility and should include your academic achievements, degrees, certifications, affiliations, and any other information that highlights your expertise and extols your reputation. Here is an example:

Mei Zhong earned her Ph.D. from Kent State University. She is an associate professor in the School of Journalism and Media Studies at San Diego State University, where she also serves as the advisor for the international studies minor in the College of Professional Studies and Fine Arts. Dr. Zhong has been involved in promoting international education for over 20 years and serves as a faculty coordinator for several educational exchange programs between SDSU and international universities. In addition, she has served as the president of the Association for Chinese Communication Studies, an affiliated organization of the National Communication Association.

Your author biography will average about 100 words so that the text fits neatly when printed on the back cover of your text. If your project involves multiple authors, the 100-word average will be divided between authors. For example, if your book has two authors, each biography will average 50 words; for a project with four authors, about 25 words each.

Two Authors

Steven R. Wilson is a professor in the Department of Communication at the University of South Florida and a faculty affiliate with the Military Family Research Institute at Purdue University. He earned his Ph.D. in communication from Purdue University. Dr. Wilson’s research focuses on processes of influence and identity management in family, health, and workplace contexts.

Sandi W. Smith is a University Distinguished Professor in the Department of Communication at Michigan State University. She received her Ph.D. in communication from the University of Southern California. Dr. Smith’s research focuses on persuasion, communication theory, and interpersonal communication in health and criminal justice contexts.

Four Authors

Dr. Farah Ibrahim earned her doctorate degree at Pennsylvania State University and currently serves as a professor of counseling psychology and counselor education at University of Colorado, Denver.

Dr. Allen Ivey earned his doctorate in counseling at Harvard University and is the distinguished university professor emeritus at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst.

Paul Pederson was professor emeritus at Syracuse University and recipient of the 2010 APA Distinguished Contributions to the International Advancement of Psychology Award.

Dr. Mary Bradford Ivey earned her doctorate at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, and is a fellow of the American Counseling Association.

If you’d like to include longer author biographies, our publishing team can include a separate About the Author(s) page, typically located in the back of the book’s interior.

We do not include author headshots either on the back cover or in the interior of the book due to space constraints and permissions restrictions.

If your academic affiliation, professional title, or other bibliographic information happens to change after your book has been sent to press, we will not be able to update this information on your cover or in the interior. However, we will edit your biography as it appears in our online title catalog and can make note of the changes for future revised or new editions of the text.