Step 3: Submitting Your Selections

  • Alongside your completed Readings and Excerpts Log spreadsheet, please provide us with clean, note-and-highlight free PDF scans of any book chapters, journal articles, etc. you intend to use. When providing scanned pages of a reading, indicate where the text that will be included in your book begins and ends by including detailed notes within your permissions log. You may also mark up the scanned PDFs you submit to us, if you feel that would help to illustrate the beginning and ending of a selection.
  • Shorts excerpts of third-party text (a paragraph or less) do not need to be included within your log (but should be properly cited within your manuscript so our licensing team can easily and effectively complete their review of the material). If excerpted material is longer than a paragraph, please including a full listing for the material in your log.
  • If referencing a website, copy the website text, save it as a Microsoft Word or PDF document, then send it to us.
  • If any of your selections are from the Cognella Digital Library, we don’t need you to send us a copy of that particular selection.
  • If the reading or chapter includes endnotes, please include them. (Note: Sometimes notes appear at the end of a book instead of the end of the chapter, so be sure to give the content a thorough look.)
  • If you provide a scan of a book chapter, include the book’s title page and copyright pages.

Ways to Submit Your Materials

Email small files (less than 3 MB) in sum directly to your project editor.

Upload files larger than 3 MB in sum to our website via a zipped folder. Be sure to notify your project editor when you upload files.