Quick Guide: Revising Interactive Materials

During the revisions period, as you adjust your project’s text, you also have the option to update and enhance your corresponding Active Learning materials. Think of revisions as an opportunity to give your interactive materials a “spring cleaning” in order to refresh, improve, and even expand them.

Access Content for Revisions

Depending on what previously created activities and resources your project includes, we may ask you to access them for revisions in one or both of the following ways:

  • Log on to the previous edition’s blueprint course, review the activities within it, and record your feedback in a Word document or email. If it’s helpful, take screenshots to illustrate your comments.
  • Review the Word exports of activities from the previous edition’s blueprint course and record your feedback directly within the documents using track changes.

Please wait to begin reviewing until your project editor has provided additional instructions—which will include login details for your blueprint course and/or Word versions of the activities.