Review and Update Existing Activities

As you examine the materials you developed for the last edition of your project, consider how changes to the chapter or coures content could affect your interactive materials.

The following questions may be useful starting points as you review previously created materials to confirm their alignment with your revised text or course:

  • Do any activities or resources need to be updated to remain consistent with the new manuscript or course goals? For instance, is any content you wish to update covered in recorded lectures, skill-builders, or quiz questions?
  • What content changes do you need to make to reflect shifts that impact your field—such as updates to data sets, new theories or discoveries, or developments in world events?
  • Are there any errors or inaccuracies that should be corrected?
  • Do you need to remove any content that is now outdated?
  • Have any of your references or third-party links/videos been altered or taken offline?
  • Would you like to re-record any audio, update any video lectures, or swap out any third-party videos?

In addition to ensuring that all content, references, and links are both accurate and current, you can supplement and make corrections as needed.