Submitting Your Materials

Email small files (less than 3 MB in sum) directly to your project editor.

Upload files larger than 3 MB in sum—PDFs, Word documents with images, etc.—to our website via a zipped folder. To do this, save all files in one folder and then zip (or compress) the folder. When uploading, select the .zip folder rather than individual files. Be sure to notify your project editor when you upload files.

You will receive a confirmation message if your materials upload successfully.

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Do not send files through file sharing sites such as YouSendIt, Dropbox, or Google Docs. YouSendIt links expire quickly. Dropbox has file size limits that hinder our access. Google Docs are difficult to download. Other file sharing sites present additional obstacles, so please use our website upload feature exclusively.

Be sure all materials you submit are final and complete. Sending multiple versions of the same document can lead to confusion and additional work for both you and our team.