Why do I need to submit a copy of all third-party materials to Cognella? 

We need your help to gather all third-party content in one place so our licensing team can vet each work and secure the proper permissions and copyright clearance.

Why are there so many requirements surrounding material submissions? 

Cognella is committed to providing students with the highest quality product possible. Accordingly, we ask that all files sent to us meet certain criteria. Quality materials will improve both the appearance of the final product and the overall student reader experience.

What happens if the materials I submit do not meet certain criteria?

We’ll work to improve the files, but there are limits to what we’re able to do. If submitted materials do not meet Cognella requirements, it may result in production delays. Your project editor will contact you to talk through issues regarding your manuscript materials, if any.

Unsure of next steps or have additional questions? Ask your project editor!