How Cognella can Help

Simple Photoshopping can be provided by our team on a case-by-case basis. Talk to your project editor if you think this is something you’ll need.

We can provide assistance with cropping images. Please provide cropping instructions in the Author Notes column of your image log.

We can add arrows or other simple call-out elements to your images. Please provide both a clean file of the photo and a separate file with markup instructions. The markup can be done digitally and then saved as a PDF, or it can be done by printing the photo and applying your markup by hand, then scanning it back to create a digital file. We will use the marked-up file as a reference when we professionally apply the elements during production.

Licensing Considerations

Did you take photos of other people? 

If you’ve taken a photo of an identifiable person, we will need to have recorded permission from them to include their photo in your book.

You will need to provide your project editor with the person’s name and email address so our licensing team can send them a visual likeness release form.

If you’re working in the field and know ahead of time that you’ll be taking photos of people, ask your project editor if you can have a copy of the visual likeness release form so that you can collect permissions as you work.

Did someone else take photos for your book?

If someone else took photos for your book, whether it be your headshot, a series of instructional photos, or any other types of photos included in your book, these are considered contributed content.

Contributed photos are those created by someone else, oftentimes a student, family member, or a work colleague, specifically for your book. In other words, these are not previously published photos.

You’ll need to provide your project editor with the contributor’s name and email address so our licensing team can send our standard editorial release agreement for their contribution.

What if I want to include photos that are previously published somewhere else?

These photos will be considered third-party content. Please refer to the Quick Guide: Selecting Images for more information regarding third-party images and pre-approved third-party image sources. If you still have questions, speak to your project editor.