Composition refers to the placement of a subject or objects in the frame of the photo. A well-composed photo draws your viewer’s eye to the most important visual information.

Tips for creating an effective composition:

Avoid branded items in the shot.

Keep the background simple. Make sure there is nothing odd sticking out behind you in the background (i.e., a light pole that may appear to be coming from your head in the photo), and that there are no distracting elements in the background (i.e., active people in the background).

Don’t add unnecessary props to the shot.


Example of a poor background:

Alt Text

Figure 1. This man appears to have sprouted antlers. Be aware of your background to avoid awkward situations! Images copyright © 2017 Depositphotos/AlexFedorenko and copyright © 2013 Depositphotos/kuzmich.

Example of a good background:

Alt Text

Figure 2. By simplifying the background and keeping the subject as the main focal point, the image is visually appealing and looks professional. Image copyright © 2015 Depositphotos/sam741002.