Guidelines for Selecting
YouTube Videos


How many YouTube videos can I add to my Cognella Active Learning course?

The general rule is the number of videos you select cannot exceed 50% of the content we make available via Cognella Active Learning. Ask your project editor for more details.

I use YouTube videos for my class, but some videos get removed from the site. How do I know the videos will not be taken down after we publish Cognella Active Learning?

The guidelines we provide for selecting YouTube videos help ensure the videos you select are from trusted accounts, but users can remove videos from their channel for any reason. When this happens, we will help you find alternate replacement videos!

Will YouTube videos be incorporated into the price of Cognella Active Learning?

No, the price of Cognella Active Learning does not include YouTube videos since we are providing them as student resources under the Standard YouTube License.

Can we edit the YouTube videos?

No, we cannot edit the video content, but we can add start and end times to the embedded videos in Active Learning so students are directed to specific segments.

Can I select videos that are not provided on YouTube?

No, we are only able to approve videos from YouTube.