Quick Guide Completing Your Readings and Excerpts Log

Step 1: Choose Your Content

If you’re preparing an anthology, begin by selecting the readings you’d like to include in your book, keeping track of their origin as you go. If you’re not sure where to begin, review your current syllabus and create an outline of the topics you intend to cover in class each week. We’d also be happy to set up a consultation with our digital librarian, who can provide reading suggestions from our library of pre-cleared, low-cost content based on your syllabus and the goals of your book.

If you’re writing an original work that contains third-party excerpts, you may be selecting supporting content as you go. It will be helpful to keep the following tips and guidelines in mind as you work, and you may want to consider using text from the following sources.

How to Use the Cognella Digital Library

Review our library tips at cognella.com/library-tips. This information will ensure you have your device configured properly so you have the best possible experience while using the library. There are helpful tips for strengthening your search results as well.

Visit library.cognella.com.

Create an account. Click “Create Account” to sign up for library access. Please use your university email address to register. Our team will verify your account within 24 hours and notify you when you’ve been granted access.


Log in and search for a topic or author. You can also search for content by discipline, title, keyword, year, and more.

Preview selections in your browser or save and send them to collaborators. When you find a reading you’d like to peruse, click the “View” button to preview a watermarked version directly in your browser. (Due to publisher restrictions, we can only provide printed copies of an article to authors with a disability. Contact your project editor for more information.)

Please note: If you are publishing an anthology or textbook, please disregard the pricing listed next to individual readings. These prices are for instructors creating course packs only. Your book’s price will be based on the total page count as described by your signing editor.

If logged in, you may also add articles to Favorites or Project lists, then send lists of saved readings to your project editor or co-authors.

Note: Not every article or chapter published by our partners is available for viewing through our digital library interface. If you are interested in using a book chapter or reading published by one of our partners that does not appear in our library, let your project editor know, and they can check on its availability.