Test Bank
Development Guide

Additional Tips

  • Keep answers concise.
  • Multiple answer questions are particularly difficult for students to answer correctly. They must select all possible correct responses to receive full credit for the question. Please keep this in mind if you intend to craft multiple answer questions.
  • It is our recommendation to avoid the use of True/False questions as they have not proven to be a strong indicator of student mastery of a subject.
  • If you provide answer choice feedback that directly relates to a text, ensure the feedback references general sections or chapters rather than specific page numbers, which may vary in digital or adapted formats.
  • Ensure consistency and clarity in question wording and answer choices for multiple choice and multiple answer questions. For example, consider the two questions below.

1. Which of the following are examples of citrus fruits?

a. Limes
b. Mangoes
c. Grapefruits
d. Both A and B
e. A and C

2. Lemons are a type of citrus fruit. Select additional citrus fruits from the options below:

a. Limes
b. Lemons
c. Oranges
d. A and B
e. All of the above

Issues in consistency and clarity in the questions above:

  • The wording of the two questions (“which of the following…” vs. “select from options below…”) is inconsistent.
  • In question 1, the wording of answers D and E is inconsistent.
  • In question 2, answer E is unclear. It’s technically correct, since answer D doesn’t specifically exclude oranges, but writing “A, B, and C” as the answer choice would be clearer for the test taker.

Note: Because test banks may be imported into digital test-taking systems, we recommend avoiding answer choices such as: “A and C;” or “All of the above.” Structuring an answer choice in this way negates the ability to employ answer choice randomization. Instead, rewrite the full answer choice (ex – in question 2 above, answer d, “A and B,” would change to “Limes and lemons;” and answer e, “All of the above,” would change to “Limes, lemons, and oranges.”

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