Digital Reading Experience

Our digital reading experience provides the most choice for your students. Students can read their digital course materials on computers, tablets, ereaders, or mobile devices. Our digital reading platform works like a bookshelf for managing and storing academic course materials. Students can highlight, annotate, and bookmark digital materials for quick and easy reference. They can also zoom in on items when they are reading their course materials or use search for easy navigation.

Digital reading options can provide students with easy portability, more flexibility and better accessibility.

Cognella Active Learning

Cognella Active Learning provides instructors the opportunity to create dynamic online content for higher education courses and the national market. Cognella Active Learning online environments are strategically developed by passionate instructors and knowledgeable project editors to provide students with high-quality content and meaningful learning experiences. Quizzes, flashcards, videos, PowerPoint slides and lectures, skill-based games, and more help learning experiences come alive.

Learn more on the Cognella Active Learning website.

Dynamic Online Content that Delivers

"The folks at Cognella have been terrific. I couldn’t be happier with the online component of my textbook. Now my students have one place where they can access course materials, work together on group projects, study using interactive flashcards, and take quizzes. They love it."

Robert Kemp

Ramon W. Breedon, Sr. Research Professor

University of Virginia