Note to Students

We’re in the process of building out a brand new Student Store to improve the student ordering experience. As we complete this build, there are two different stores that contain Cognella learning materials. We know this may be confusing, but rest assured, we’ll make sure you’re able to locate and purchase the learning materials you need for class!

The easiest way to find your learning materials is to double-check the ordering instructions your professor emailed to you. That email will include a direct link to the correct Student Store.

If you can’t locate the email from your professor, use the following choices to help you select the correct Student Store.

If your course includes Cognella Active Learning, your materials are most likely available here: https://store.cognella.com/active 
Otherwise, your materials are most likely available here: https://students.universityreaders.com/store/ 

If you can’t find your materials or you need additional help, please contact our support team at orders@cognella.com or call us at 800-200-3908 x503.

Purchasing FAQs

Our online store accepts all major credit cards and MasterCard/Visa debit cards.
There are several reasons why the course materials you're looking for are not available for online ordering:
  • Your course materials may be sold exclusively through your campus bookstore.
  • Your course materials may be published by another academic publisher, so double-check with your professor or TA to ensure your learning materials are published by Cognella.
If you have an email from your professor directing you to the Cognella Student Store, and you still can't find your course materials on our site, please contact us at orders@cognella.com or 800-200-3908 ext. 503.
Please fill out our return request form, including the details that you ordered the wrong materials and need to exchange them. Once submitted, a manager will review your form and will be in touch as soon as possible.
An "Email Me When Ready" button means that your learning materials are being assembled and are not quite ready for sale. We are actively working on getting these materials ready for your class. If you click the button, we will email you as soon as your materials are available and posted for sale.


All sales are final and we do not accept returns or issue refunds for course materials. As a small business, we must be strict about this policy in order to keep our costs and prices as low as possible. We subscribe to an on-demand printing model, so we print and ship each order individually from several locations across the country. We don't carry regular inventory to be able to sell that book to someone else. These practices reduce our overhead costs and shipping times—and help keep our prices lower than other publishers. However, we do realize that some situations can be outside of your control, and we will try to make exceptions for reasonable circumstances. If you feel that your case deserves special consideration, please answer the questions on our return request form. Once submitted, a manager will review your circumstances and be in touch as soon as possible.
Please complete our return request form, including details about your damaged learning materials. A team member will be in contact with you as soon as possible to remedy the situation.