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Built for success

Cognella Active Learning environments feature strategically developed content that promotes academic excellence and keeps students engaged. Student success is Cognella’s top priority, and our dedication to quality content reflects our commitment to improving educational experiences.

Dedicated support

Our dedicated Cognella Active Learning editors are here to help! From discussing your teaching philosophy to creating effective course content to assisting with the setup of your online learning environment, our editors will ensure you have everything you need to maximize students’ learning experiences.

Why Choose Cognella ?

We’re experts in creating instructor-driven course materials that inspire positive learning outcomes. Our experienced editors will help you develop compelling digital content that aligns with your course and teaching style and can be marketed nationally.

We’re committed to providing instructors and students with high-quality, low-cost course materials. Without cutting corners or sacrificing functionality, we’ll create a cost-effective online learning environment students will love.

Your Cognella Active Learning content could be an ideal resource for another instructor in your discipline. We’ll promote your online learning environment nationally to other professors who teach similar courses and would like to introduce active learning to their courses.