Active Learning Image Guide

Including images with your Active Learning content can be an involved process, so it is important to carefully consider when and how you do so. Our ultimate goal is to eliminate or minimize the need for costly image permissions fees so we can offer your Cognella materials at the best possible price for students. Therefore, it’s important to focus on using images that are content-driven, provide educational value to students, and will not incur fees.

Image Use in Active Learning

The following activity types are examples of Active Learning content that may benefit from the use of images.

  • flashcards (example here)
  • skill-builders and matching activities (example here)
  • original videos (example here)
  • interactive maps (example here)
  • scenarios (example here)
  • quizzes
  • slides and infographics
  • assignments
  • original writing

Please ask your project editor to see additional examples of images used within Active Learning.