Competitive Marketing – Communication


Cognella’s competitive and comprehensive marketing approach offers maximum exposure and personalized promotion. With the ultimate goal of securing consistent, long-term adoptions of your text by instructors across the U.S. and internationally, our strategy focuses on getting your book into the right hands at the right time.

A cornerstone of our approach is substantial pre-publication marketing to generate early interest in your title through strategic marketing campaigns and tailored outreach. Cognella targets marketing campaigns to instructors teaching courses related to your book’s subject matter, instructors using competing titles, and adopters of previous editions.

Our dedicated sales team works with you to create a program to highlight the strengths of your book and showcase its unique value in the academic market. They proactively contact instructors who will benefit from using your text in their courses to encourage adoption.

Our marketing approach also includes:

  • A book announcement email campaign highlighting your title exclusively
  • Fully designed flyers that feature your book’s promotional copy and a full table of contents
  • We will provide copies of your text to potential reviewers to obtain marketing reviews
  • A dedicated sales team in Canada for marketing and sales
  • A Coming Soon posting in the Cognella Title Catalog a full term before publication/6 months prior to launch
  • Coming Soon title campaign email series a full term before publication
  • Conference marketing
  • Complete series of title campaigns each term based on each individual textbook’s merits
  • Dedicated sales staff support with personal outreach through email and phone to everyone who reviews your book for course use
  • Inclusion in special catalogs for conferences and other events throughout the academic year
  • Social media promotion via Twitter and Facebook
  • Postcards or other printed materials you can use at meetings, conferences, or events you attend
  • Third-party distribution to all online book retailers
  • Complete handling of the digital review copy process for interested instructors and media reviewers
  • Third-party information sends to Amazon,, VitalSource, and RedShelf
  • International marketing and distribution through Eurospan, our international partner

For more information contact:

Todd Armstrong
Communication, Journalism, and Media Studies Publisher
Phone: 866-200-7472