What Does an Interactive Anthology Look Like?

Our team of experienced editors and instructional designers will work with you through each step of the process to blend your learning materials into a seamless digital format. Your learning materials will be prepared to ensure that your original writing and interactive components are clearly distinguished as separate features from the previously published or borrowed materials. This allows your voice to shine throughout each chapter as your insights, commentary, and supporting resources frame your reading selections.

Interactive content can be placed within your original content (such as chapter introductions and conclusions) or can be placed with a third-party reading using a Cognella-branded activity title.

Although not comprehensive, the following examples show frequently-used activities and how those might appear throughout a chapter.

Image Hotspots

Example of image hotspots.



Example of a drag-and-drop activity.


End-of-Chapter Review

Example of end-of-chapter review.


Interactive Lessons

Example of an interactive lesson.