Throughout your interactive ebook’s development, your editorial team will provide you with targeted resources from our Author Quick Guide Series. You will also be invited to view our Cognella Webinar Series through pre-recorded sessions. Each writing resource or webinar series provides targeted information designed to help set you and your project up for success.

There are three main stages to developing an interactive anthology. Your editorial team will consult with you to determine the development strategy and workflow that suits your project best.

  • Stage 1: Select and organize readings
  • Stage 2: Develop original interstitial writing
  • Stage 3: Prepare content for interactive exercises

Phase I: Select Readings

Cognella’s library of partner-publisher content includes thousands of pre-approved journal articles, chapters drawn from other textbooks, news articles, and other forms of previously published material presented in their entirety that you can select from. One of the greatest advantages of choosing readings from our Digital Library is that permissions for reprint rights and fees have already been agreed to. As a first step in preparing a list of readings, many authors rely on our reference library team to research content based on their course syllabus and provide a curated list of readings that might be suitable for their particular anthology project. Our licensing team can also review the availability of third-party content that is not from our publisher-partner library.

Strategize how readings will be grouped into units or chapters.

Readings may be grouped:

  • Chronologically
  • Thematically
  • Theoretically
  • Topically
  • Regionally
  • By genre

Your editorial support team is here to help as you make your choices. We can advise you on price, balance, and the overall length of the book. We can clarify what changes are possible even after you’ve submitted a reading log. We can also provide specific information about reprint limits imposed by certain publishers.

Keep in mind that the reading selection process can take many hours or days. We recommend beginning the reading selection process early on to provide yourself plenty of time to confirm your selections in time for use in your preliminary edition.

For more information on selecting and preparing readings, see Cognella’s Quick Guide to Selecting Readings and Excerpts, available here.