Editor’s Toolkit: Writing an Interactive Ebook Anthology

Getting Started: What is an Interactive Ebook Anthology?

Through Cognella’s digital platform, anthology author-editors can frame third-party readings with their original written materials all embedded alongside dynamic practice exercises and interactive review content. Students can test their understanding with automatic feedback, utilize digital flashcards to review key terms, watch third-party and original videos, and much more. This immersive approach to learning materials engages students as they read and helps to solidify their understanding of each chapter’s learning objectives.

An interactive anthology with Cognella allows you to build an online text that perfectly suits a course without the challenges implicit in writing a fully original manuscript. A well-crafted interactive digital anthology is an opportunity to expose students to a variety of viewpoints, voices, and sources of information, while the mixed media design supports multiple modes of learning. This structure makes an interactive digital anthology an excellent choice for meeting accessibility standards and supporting a variety of learners.

The foundational approach for each interactive digital anthology can be boiled down to the following: choose readings from Cognella’s extensive library of partner-publisher content or other approved resources, organize readings, and frame the selections with original author material that adds context, prepares students to read, and enhances the learning experience. Then, write two types of interactive content: practice activities and gradable assessments. Finally, select approved web resources to embed throughout the chapter and within the Cognella Active Learning Platform.