Quick Guide: Chapter Review Activities

Chapter reviews are helpful ways of wrapping up topics, reinforcing important material, and summarizing content at the conclusion of an Active Learning module. Think of them as simpler versions of PowerPoints that may be customized to include text, images, interactive videos, resource hyperlinks, multiple-choice questions, and/or “Quick Check” review activities. See an example here.

Consider including one or more of the following items in each chapter review:

  • Major topics or key points from the reading
  • Important terms or concepts
  • Content students should study before a significant quiz or exam
  • “Quick Check” interactive practice (using drag the words, mark the words, or fill in the blank to review content)
  • Supplemental resources, such as images, videos, or hyperlinks
  • Interactive video
  • Multiple-choice review questions

Using a similar structure and approach in each of the chapter reviews for a text will help provide students with a consistent learning experience—but changing up the kinds of “quick checks,” supplemental resources, and review questions will add variety and help retain students’ interest. For instance, presenting key terms the same way in each chapter review will avoid confusion. However, a fill in the blank exercise may not be an effective way to review content in each chapter.

To create a chapter review, either work directly in the chapter review template or add the review content to a new Word document.

Reminder: Working with Images and Videos

Before developing any interactive content related to images or videos, record those resources in the project’s image log or video log and submit the log(s) to your Active Learning project editor.

Accessibility Requirement

In consideration of meeting accessibility requirements, any instructional image used in an activity must be accompanied by alternative text (alt text). Alt text is a term used to describe text that is read by a screen reader in place of an image. When a screen reader encounters an image within an activity, it will skip over it unless there is alt text provided to read in its place. This renders the activity incomprehensible.

See Quick Guide: Writing Alt Text for further guidance.