Quick Guide: Fill in the Blank Tables

Fill-in-the-blank activities can be used to help students practice verb conjugation, review vocabulary, or classify specific items.


  • Each table may have 3 – 6 columns with up to 5 rows.
  • Students can be challenged to fill in the entire table or only select items within the table.

What You Need to Submit

Activity title:


Include a table with all the content as you’d like it to appear in the activity. Any fill-in-the-blank answers should be indicated with asterisks. Any content not in asterisks will be visible to the students.

Heading 1 Heading 2 Heading 3 Heading 4
Item 1 *Answer 1* *Answer 1* *Answer 1*
Item 2 *Answer 2* *Answer 2* *Answer 2*
Item 3 *Answer 3* *Answer 3* *Answer 3*
Item 4 *Answer 4* *Answer 4* *Answer 4*