National Marketing

The majority of our marketing efforts will occur after your book has been launched on the national market. When your book launches, we will:

  • Send out a title launch email campaign to instructors in your discipline teaching relevant courses for your book
  • Post your title in the Cognella Title Catalog
  • Broadcast the launch of your book on our social media channels (Facebook and Twitter)
  • Send your book’s information to appropriate third-party distributors, which may include Amazon,, RedShelf, VitalSource, and Eurospan (for books with worldwide rights) for expanded sales and distribution
  • Provide you with links to share with your network and resources to assist you with your self-promotion efforts

The ultimate goal of our marketing efforts is to secure consistent, long-lasting adoptions of your text, which result in regular use and dependable sales. In support of this goal, we send engaging email campaigns and digital catalogs to higher education instructors in your discipline during prime textbook adoption timeframes.

We encourage instructors to request digital review copies of your book to review its content and decide if it’s right for their course. Our adoption specialists follow up with these instructors to encourage adoption and help them incorporate your text into their curriculum. We can offer adopters custom, enhanced, and abridged editions of the book if they are interested in personalizing it for their students or their curriculum.

Additionally, your book will be available for purchase online through Amazon and Barnes & Noble so that the general public or those in professions related to your discipline can purchase individual copies.

We greatly encourage self-promotion, recognizing that authors who work hard to market their book often see greater success!

Unsure of next steps or have additional questions? Ask your project editor!