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Explore the impactful pedagogical features in Counseling Children and Adolescents (Sixth Edition) edited by Ann Vernon and Christine J. Schimmel

This text offers a variety of useful learning aids including distinctive sidebars. Discover how these features can help your students in the examples below.

Dialogue Box

This sidebar is a verbatim short exchange between a client and a counselor to illustrate how to deal with a specific problem or initiate an interaction with a young client relative to the content of the chapter.

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Voices From the Field—Professional

In this sidebar, a counseling practitioner shares a piece of advice or an opinion or something they have applied with clients related to the chapter content.

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Now Try This!

This sidebar describes a short exercise or intervention that readers can try to help them apply what they have read in the chapter.

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Voices From the Field—Child or Adolescent

In this sidebar, a young client shares their perspective or experience in individual or small group counseling.

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Personal Reflection

This sidebar directs readers to personally reflect on one or more specific questions relative to the chapter content.

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Add This to Your Toolbox!

This sidebar describes a specific technique relative to the chapter content that the authors have found to be especially effective.

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