83689-1A Schmalleger Key Features


Explore the Unique Features in Constitutional Law Today by Frank Schmalleger, John M. Scheb, and Hemant Sharma

This text offers a variety of impactful features including several recurring shadow boxes throughout to further engage students. Learn more about how these features can help your students below.

The Constitution in Action

To illuminate the relevance of case precedent in practical circumstances, each chapter contains shadow boxes, entitled The Constitution in Action. These boxes provide real-world examples that highlight the application of constitutional principles or illustrate the workings of the constitutional system.

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The Constitution and Social Justice

One of the most important concerns of contemporary constitutional law and scholarship today is social justice, or the lack thereof. Given the obvious connection between constitutional law and social justice, primarily through the principle of equal protection of the law, the authors include a recurring feature that highlights their connection, entitled The Constitution and Social Justice. These boxes examine important events, both historic and modern, such as the infamous Scottsboro Case from the early 1930s and the murder of George Floyd in the spring of 2020.

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Focus on Law Enforcement

The Focus on Law Enforcement recurring feature offers perspectives that speak to the rights and responsibilities of those individuals who are charged with enforcing the criminal law. In these boxes, the authors examine how the constitutional issues discussed in this book not only serve to protect the interests of accused criminals but also can protect officers in the workplace.

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Because the Supreme Court serves as the final arbiter of how to interpret key words and phrases in the Constitution, the authors include boxes, entitled Jurisprudence, that highlight major decisions of the high Court.

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Obiter Dicta Boxes

The authors use Obiter Dicta boxes to feature key quotations from Supreme Court decisions.

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