Quick Guide: Multi-Part Practice Lessons


These preparatory lessons may be used to help students create study guides or complete structured practice. Students’ work may be exported as Word files, either for their own reference or for assignment submission.


  • These lessons are not automatically submitted or graded. Students must export their assignments as Word files and then upload them separately.


Reminder: Working with Images
Before developing any content related to images, please see Active Learning Image Guide. Record these resources in the relevant image log and submit the log to your Active Learning project editor.

Accessibility Requirement

In consideration of meeting accessibility requirements, any instructional image used in an activity must be accompanied by alternative text (alt text). Alt text is a term used to describe text that is read by a screen reader in place of an image. When a screen reader encounters an image within an activity, it will skip over it unless there is alt text provided to read in its place. This renders the activity incomprehensible.

See Quick Guide: Writing Alt Text for further guidance.