Quick Guide: Timeline Interactions


Timeline interactions enrich students’ understanding of events within specific historical contexts and reinforce important dates. Items on each timeline are uniquely spaced according to the gaps between events; this aids in understanding time elapsed between both distant and adjacent events.


  • Timeline interactions are exploratory, ungraded activities.
  • Individual timelines may begin at up to 200,000 B.C.
  • It is possible to augment timelines with select web-hosted images or videos.
  • Include dates (and eras) as appropriate for the content.

Reminder: Working with Images and Videos

Before developing any content related to images or videos, please see Active Learning Image Guide and/or Guidelines for Selecting YouTube and Vimeo Videos.

Note: images related to specific dates must also be available online at Wikimedia Commons or Flickr. Record these resources in the relevant image log and/or video log and submit the log(s) to your Active Learning Project Editor.