Equation Best Practices

Start with LaTeX if that’s comfortable for you.

  • This program has the highest rate of accuracy.
  • Ultimately, all equations will need to be in LaTeX for our software to read and display them properly.
  • Using LaTeX increases the accessibility of your project’s equations (e.g., so screen readers function correctly).

Alternately, use Word’s Equation Editor.

  • Cognella will run files containing non-LaTeX equations through a document converter.
  • If equations are not entered into the Equation Editor exactly as needed, this process may potentially introduce errors.

Check your work in either mode carefully.

  • While our team members will review your files, they may not recognize errors.

Plan to allow extra time for proofing your work once our teams have reviewed it.

Things to Avoid

Don’t use images to present equations or parts of equations.

Don’t use the bullet multiplication symbol in Word’s Equation Editor.

  • This symbol will not be recognized by other software as a dot operator.

Don’t use brackets in Word’s Equation Editor.

  • Content presented in brackets will be omitted when run through other software.

Don’t use equations on both sides of a matching question in a quiz/test; equations may only be placed on the front end (e.g., equation = answer).