Screencasts Guide – Page 5

Saving and submitting the project

Select Save as Video File and select the following settings:

Type: MP4
Filename: (Title of your video)
Folder: (local drive where your files are stored)
Cursor: (Select the best option for your project)

  • Highlight Cursor: This option will show the cursor as well as a feature to highlight the cursor’s position on the screen. The default setting is a yellow ring around the cursor.
  • No Cursor: The cursor is not shown at all in the recording.
  • Just Cursor: The cursor is shown without the highlight.

Captions: Script Quality: Higher (Larger File)

Select Publish.

Navigate to the folder where your recordings are saved. Send your project editor both the final MP4 file and the source file with the project materials. The source files are most likely within a ScreenPal folder. Within the ScreenPal folder, there will be a Recordings subfolder. Within the Recordings folder, there will be a subfolder for each video. Please put all of the contents of this subfolder into a zip file and send it to your project editor.

If you have any questions about creating screencasts, ask your Cognella rep!