Building Your Video Log

Your video log is a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet that tracks the sources of all your selected videos. You may download the spreadsheet here: The Cognella licensing team will use the log to verify your sources. The production team will use the log to verify all videos are accounted for, as well as their placement or special instructions, when it is time to produce your interactive ebook, full course, or Active Learning companion.

It is easiest to work on the video log while you are making your video selections. Fill in the source information as you go rather than trying to remember later where you found each video. If you wait until after you have delivered your manuscript and activity text to begin drafting your video log, it could delay the start of interactive content production, because we cannot move forward with publication without a confirmed source for every video. If you hold off on recording your video’s source information and are unable to re-locate the video and its source, the video will need to be replaced or removed.

What to Include in Your Video Log

A screenshot of sample content in a video log.


The video log includes columns for each specific type of source information needed. The blue rows at the top serve as examples and show you how to fill in the file. Below these examples in the white rows are where you can begin adding videos for your book. Complete a single row for each video you include, following the instructions below.

In Column A, add the chapter number of your book in which the video will appear.

In Column B, assign the video a number. (Note: Videos are numbered using two digits: one for the chapter and one for the video. For example, the second video in chapter 4 will be Video 4.2.)

In Column C, enter a title for the video.

In Column D, include the source information.

In Column E, provide the copyright year of the original source. Select “more” to see the full copyright date rather than trying to subtract from the “X years ago.”

In Column F, add the creator, account, or channel name.

In Column G, leave any special notes you have for your project editor about the specific video.

Do not add, delete, or adjust rows or columns in the provided Excel spreadsheet. Simply add the information prompted in each column to create the log. Any changes made to the sheet’s formatting will result in a technical error within the file.