Guidelines for Selecting YouTube and Vimeo Videos

YouTube and Vimeo are video-sharing websites that allow users to upload, view, share, and comment on videos. These videos can be included in Cognella Active Learning to help exemplify concepts and other learning objectives. YouTube and Vimeo videos can only be added to Cognella Active Learning if the course has two other content groups (e.g., flashcards and quizzes), and after the videos have been reviewed and approved for inclusion by our licensing team.

Best Practices for Selecting Videos for Cognella Active Learning

  • Use the video log your Cognella Active Learning project editor provides to record the YouTube and Vimeo videos you’d like to use.
    • Submit the video log to your project editor so we can have our licensing team clear the videos for use in Cognella Active Learning. Note that this process can take a few rounds until all the videos are approved.
  • Select videos that contain information that you want students to absorb.
    • Ask yourself this question after you find a video: Does this video clearly demonstrate the concept I want students to learn? If your answer is no, then keep searching!
  • Engage students by providing questions to supplement the videos.
    • These questions can help students relate the content from your videos to your learning objectives. These questions can be auto-graded (i.e., multiple-choice, T/F, multiple answer, or matching) or open-ended. Open-ended questions will need to be manually graded via Cognella Active Learning.
    • There is no limit on the number of video questions we can add in Cognella Active Learning for each video.
  • Find videos that are 3-5 minutes in length.
    • We find that students lose focus with longer videos, but it is okay to select longer videos if the content is relevant to the students’ learning needs.

Note: Occasionally, previously selected YouTube videos may be moved offline. If you or our team discover a selected video is offline, we’ll look to you to suggest a replacement as quickly as possible. If you previously developed questions or other activities associated with an inaccessible video, we’ll ask you to submit those quickly too. Your project editor will be available to discuss further details.