Hosted Active Learning Courses

Hosted Cognella Active Learning Courses

Thank you for using Cognella Active Learning in your course this term. We have created a course for you and your students in our hosted platform, so all of your Cognella Active Learning content will be hosted in Cognella’s system. Your students will need to login to Cognella’s site to access the materials. At the end of the term, we can help you export the grades from Cognella’s system so you can import them into your home LMS.

We recommend you take the following steps to make sure that your materials are ready for the first day of class and your students are informed about how to access the course.

We recently sent you an invitation to enroll in your course. The subject line of the email is “Course Invitation” and the sender is “Cognella Active Administrator.”

Accept this invitation and create your access credentials. If you didn’t receive the invitation, please let us know and we can resend it.

By using Cognella Active Learning, you agree to the terms of service.

Each environment is unique, and the content may change from term to term. Review the content and decide how it best fits into your course.

As a reminder, Cognella Active Learning environments are designed so you can use their content as gradable assignments. If you’d like to use quizzes and assignments as assessments, please share your syllabus with us. We can update the quiz due dates to align with your schedule initially, and you can edit as needed thereafter. Please note that quizzes in Active Learning cannot be exported or used outside of this system.

      • Within your course in your institution’s learning management system, create a new Page (depending on your system, it may be called a Page or Content Page). We recommend putting this new page in the first module or section, or even creating a new introductory section or module at the top of your course.
      • Page name = We recommend “Cognella Active Learning”
      • Content = see below 

++++++++++ Copy the entire section below and paste into the page ++++++++++

Hello Students,

We’ll be using online resources in the Cognella Active Learning platform this term. Your access to the Cognella site can be obtained by purchasing the textbook through the Cognella site or by purchasing a textbook with an access code from the campus bookstore.

Step 1: Purchase/Redeem Access

      • 1A—If you purchased a book with an access code from the campus bookstore:
        • You need to redeem the access code before you can access the materials. Go to Enter the code printed in your book, then select our institution and this course. After you have completed the code redemption, you will receive an email invitation to the Active Learning course.
      • 1B—If you purchased your course materials directly from Cognella’s Student Store:
        • Once you complete checkout for a purchase that includes Cognella Active Learning, you will automatically receive an email with an invitation to our course.
      • 1C—Standalone access. If you need to purchase access to the Active Learning site without purchasing a text, you can purchase directly from the Cognella’s Student Store.

Step 2: Accept the Course Invitation

      • The subject line in the email is “Course Invitation” and it is sent from Cognella Active Administrator. Once you accept the invitation, you will create your Cognella Active Learning account. One the Welcome Aboard page, select “Create My Account”.
        • Login = Enter your email address
        • Password = Create a new password
        • Time zone = Make sure you update this field
        • Accept the terms
        • Select “Register”
      • You are now registered and enrolled in our course. Now that you have completed this step, you do not need to repeat it again this term.

*After Step 1 and Step 2 have been completed 1 time, you’ll never have to do them again. You can jump straight to Step 3 to access your materials throughout the term.

Step 3: Login to the Course

Go to and log in using the credentials you just created.