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Create Your Own Counseling Theory Textbook with Chapters Written and Edited by Edward Neukrug

We’ve created custom libraries of the chapters found within Contemporary Theories in Counseling and Psychotherapy and Counseling Theory and Practice, written and edited by renowned author and scholar Edward Neukrug.

Using this library, you can create a custom counseling theory textbook that is affordable, quick-to-publish, and completely tailored to your course.


Create your custom edition in three easy steps:

Step 1

Select and order chapters from the counseling theory library that suit your course needs.

Step 2

Add your syllabus or course schedule to personalize the text for your students.

Step 3

Choose the format for your students: ebook, paperback, or both.

Pricing details: Mix and match chapters from the available texts – $6.00 per chapter (includes printing)

Contemporary Theories in Counseling and Psychotherapy Custom Library Content 

Chapter 1: Contemporary Psychodynamic Therapy
Ed Neukrug and Kevin Snow

Chapter 2: Contemporary Person-Centered Counseling (CPPC)
Ed Neukrug and Amber Pope

Chapter 3: Cognitive Behavior Therapy
Ed Neukrug

Chapter 4: Integrative Post-Modern Therapy (IPMT): Using Narrative, Solution-Focused, and Relational Cultural Approaches
Ed Neukrug

Chapter 5: Dialectical Behavior Therapy
Francisca Rivas, Ne’Shaun Borden, Johana Rocha, and Kyulee Park 

Chapter 6: Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)
John C. Wren, Robert R. Armbruster, and Abie Tremblay

Chapter 7: Motivational Interviewing
Betsey Zimmerman, Raun Boulden, and Robert Dice 

Chapter 8: Positive Counseling
Kira Mari Candelieri Marcari, Kathleen Brown, and Clara Adkins 

Chapter 9: Neurocounseling
Carlos Zalaquett and Lauren Parker 

Chapter 10: Complementary, Alternative, and Integrative Modalities (CAM)
Kevin C. Snow and Christine Berger

Counseling Theory and Practice Custom Library Content
(All chapters authored by Edward Neukrug)

Chapter 1: Becoming an Effective Counselor and Psychotherapist

Chapter 2: Psychoanalysis

Chapter 3: Analytical Theory (Jungian Therapy)

Chapter 4: Individual Psychology (Adlerian Therapy)

Chapter 5: Existential Therapy

Chapter 6: Gestalt Therapy

Chapter 7: Person-Centered Counseling

Chapter 8: Behavior Therapy

Chapter 9: Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy

Chapter 10: Cognitive Behavior Therapy

Chapter 11: Reality Therapy

Chapter 12: Narrative Therapy

Chapter 13: Solution-Focused Therapy

Chapter 14: Relational-Cultural Therapy (Feminist Therapy)

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Contemporary Theories in Counseling and Psychotherapy

Counseling Theory and Practice

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