Moore New to the Seventh Edition

Overview of What's New to the Seventh Edition of Nonverbal Communication: Studies and Applications by Nina-Jo Moore

  • There are over 175 new sources—most of which derive since 2014 when the previous edition was published.
  • More emphasis is put on social media since this is perhaps the most prevalent form of interaction in our society today.
  • The author continues to take a research-based approach to the material, and she includes an appendix that deals with conducting research—including methodology and the basics of studying nonverbal communication. She has updated this material and kept it in the textbook, since many people who teach the course like to take a research-based approach while teaching the course.
  • The book provides a historical grounding, because it is the historical material that lays the groundwork for contemporary studies. You do not find contemporary studies that do not point back to the historical studies in nonverbal communication. For that reason, you will see that the author cites both historical and contemporary research studies.
  • There are updated “Student Voices” in each chapter. The author’s hope is that if students can see examples of how others apply these concepts to everyday life, they will be able to do some of that application in their own lives.
  • There are updated “Observation” activities. These activities are geared to help students apply theory into practice.