Publish with Cognella

We’re delighted you’d like to learn more about publishing with Cognella!

Our diverse publishing imprints provide you with the flexibility and opportunity to create higher education learning materials that reflect your novel ideas, experiences, and approaches to teaching.

Under our Cognella Academic Publishing imprint, you can publish nationally marketed anthologies, original manuscripts, and interactive ebooks within your academic or professional field. Learn more on the Cognella Academic Publishing webpage.

Under our Cognella Custom imprint, you can mix and match previously published materials from any publisher, coupled with any original content you’d like to include, to publish custom learning materials for exclusive use within your course, academic department, or institution. Learn more on the Cognella Custom webpage.

Under our Cognella Active Learning imprint, you can create engaging, dynamic online content to enrich students’ learning experiences. Quizzes, flashcards, videos, skill-based games, scenarios, and more bring coursework to life. Activities can be created to support a textbook or serve as a dedicated online course. Learn more on the Cognella Active Learning webpage.

Under our Cognella Press imprint, you can publish education-based nonfiction titles for the trade market. Learn more on the Cognella Press webpage.

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