Essentials of Career Focused Counseling: Integrating Theory, Practice, and Neuroscience - Features and Benefits

Essentials of Career Focused Counseling: Integrating Theory, Practice, and Neuroscience successfully builds on counselor identity and how it can best be applied to the true career issues that clients bring to counseling settings. The book contains several pedagogical features to facilitate learning and improve the student experience.

Chapter Goals highlight the important concepts and techniques covered in each chapter.

Case Vignettes, including transcript excerpts, provide ample opportunities for students to draw practical connections between the material within the book and real-world scenarios. Wherever feasible, the same vignettes are used throughout the book to illustrate different approaches with the same client.

Neuro-Perspectives Boxes incorporate neuroscience in a natural way that assists counselors in understanding clients’ issues and supports the innate connections between career and counseling.

Resource Boxes throughout the text provide readers with QR codes, facilitating further exploration of key concepts and allowing for a self-structured study option.

Informational Tables and Figures provide emphasis and detail for key concepts covered throughout the book.

Reflective Exercises encourage critical thought, introspection, and allow students to make connections with their personal experiences and ideas.

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