Macro Social Work Practice – Features and Benefits

Macro Social Work Practice - Features and Benefits


Rather than simply presenting key concepts, Macro Social Work Practice: Working for Change in a Multicultural Society encourages students to think critically and reflect upon important macro social work issues. Interactive exercises, classroom warm-ups, and reflection activities are featured throughout the book to inspire engagement and meaningful application of the material.

In Class Exercises are provided throughout the text to engage students, encourage critical thinking, and stimulate class discussion.

Key Concept Summaries are provided throughout the text after introducing important concepts and information. This section breaks down the concept and clarifies its key components. This ensures a constant reinforcement of student understanding.

Case Illustrations are brief vignettes that illustrate macro in action and bring real-world examples of practice to life.

End-of-Chapter Exercises are provided to encourage reflection and test the student’s understanding of the content presented in the chapter.

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