An Essential Guide to Marketing

Your book is ready to launch on the national market! What exactly does that mean? And what's next?

While you’ve class-tested and used the preliminary edition of your text with your students as part of a closed-class release, Cognella has prepared your book for widespread distribution. Now, your title is ready for a national launch!

A national launch means your book will now be available to the public. Additionally, your text is ready for adoption by instructors looking for effective, engaging material to use in their courses. To increase your title’s visibility and encourage its adoption, the Cognella marketing team will promote your book through traditional and innovative marketing channels.

Our marketing efforts are targeted to higher education instructors who are teaching courses within your discipline, and our ultimate goal is to secure consistent, long-lasting adoptions of your text, which result in regular use and dependable sales. The majority of our marketing efforts will occur after your book has launched and is fully available on the national market for sales and adoption.

We encourage instructors to request digital review copies (DRCs) of your text so they can review its content and decide if it’s right for their course. Our adoption specialists follow up with instructors who’ve requested DRCs to encourage adoption and help them incorporate your book into their curriculum.

It can be challenging to secure adoptions and sales within the high school market since many textbook decisions are made at the curriculum level. Instead, we’ll channel our efforts to the higher education market, where we’ve seen greater success!

Your book will be available for purchase online through Amazon and Barnes & Noble so that general audiences or those in professions related to your discipline can purchase individual copies.

We encourage you to independently pursue any marketing or promotional opportunities you’d like! As your publisher, our efforts will always be targeted to higher education instructors in your discipline, but we encourage you to explore all possibilities available to you and that you’re comfortable exploring on your own.

Lastly, we can’t do it alone. Each book we publish has a unique value proposition within the academic market. We look to you as the author and expert in your discipline to help us successfully market your title. Your knowledge, experience, and network will be instrumental in the promotion of your work.

The following pages explain our overall marketing strategy in greater detail, share what you can expect from us, and outline what you can do to market your book. By sharing this information, we hope you can identify and cultivate opportunities to promote your title. We look forward to working with you!

Your Marketing Team

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Marketing Program Specialist

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Marketing Associate

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Senior Marketing Program Manager

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Senior Content Marketing Specialist

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Director of Marketing

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