Development Guide for Active Learning Full Courses


We are excited to pair with you to develop your full course using interactive online learning features available in Cognella Active Learning. This guide is designed to provide an overview of the development process and serves to answer some questions you may have as you begin to plan your online course. As each author and each course is unique, your vision will provide the ultimate direction to building your online course.

What is an Active Learning Full Course?

An Active Learning full course is a collection of online materials that can stand alone as the primary source of instructional content for students. The digital multimodal setup helps students access course concepts and materials in a variety of ways and supports different modes of learning. An Active Learning full course is ideal for a project that relies on rich interactive content and multimedia resources (audio recordings, images, and videos) to instruct students. A full course enables students to study class material, check their understanding, and demonstrate their proficiency all in one place.

A complete online course can include a variety of features available in the Cognella Active Learning platform, depending on the subject matter and needs of your course. Students might explore resources such as interactive maps, image hotspots, and timelines. They can verify their understanding using digital flashcards and true/false, multiple choice, cloze, and drag-and-drop exercises. They can investigate more complex concepts by completing scenarios, case studies, or virtual labs. Full courses may be especially useful for instructors who value scenario-based learning or who emphasize demonstrations and practice activities in their course materials. Your Cognella team will help you to determine which combination of activities will be most effective.