The Challenges of Working with Links

Even with all the benefits, there are still some real concerns and challenges involved in using links in your textbook.

  • Hyperlinked content in an interactive ebook may not be available in a printed version of the textbook. Consider providing full URLs to make sure the resources are accessible in printed formats of your interactive ebook.
  • Content that is available online is not automatically available for reuse or republication by others. It is still subject to copyright and licensing considerations. This can be time-consuming, costly, and in some cases, cost-prohibitive.
  • Some content may only be available behind a paywall, requiring viewers to pay to access it.
  • Over time, businesses can re-brand, websites can change, and online content can disappear suddenly and without warning; this means links you want to include may be unstable.
  • Some links disappear altogether because the content is not appropriately licensed or credited, particularly if it appears on multimedia platforms.
  • The ADA-accessibility of third-party content cannot be guaranteed and may vary greatly from source to source. Remember, too, that even the most reliable sources can experience technical difficulties or be hard for students to access.