How Are Links Built into an Interactive Textbook?

Links are included in Cognella interactive textbooks in two ways: a hyperlinked word or phrase or a web address leading to a resource on the Internet. Users can click on the link to open the web page.


A hyperlinked word or phrase:

A Closer Look: The Bill of Rights
Visit The Bill of Rights: A Transcription to read the actual language used in the Bill of Rights.

A web address leading to a resource on the Internet:

Fildes, R., Schaer, O., and Svetunkov, I. (2018). Software Survey: Forecasting 2018. ORMS-Today, 45(3).

Types of Links

There are three types of links that may go into an interactive ebook.

  1. Hyperlinks or built-in words or phrases in the manuscript that link to an intended resource
  2. Links that are part of lists or citations that need to be activated
  3. Links that are used as resources for which the author would like to provide a lead-in or explanation in a sidebar or textbox apart from the main text
    1. If you intend to provide a linked resource as a sidebar or textbox, please refer to the later section for Inserting a Link Tag for Sidebars or Textboxes.