Excerpting Guidelines


  • You may quote third party sources in your original writing as long as they appear as block quotes and are properly cited. The Cognella licensing team will review to make sure they fall under the guidelines for fair use.
  • You may cut full sections of a reading.
  • If a reading is not separated into clear sections, you may cut full pages, as long as paragraphs are kept intact.
  • You may re-number figures to match the chapter order of your Cognella text.
  • You may remove references (sentences, paragraphs, footnotes, images, boxes, end notes) to other chapters not being used.

Not Allowed

  • You may not copyedit any third-party material.
  • You may not delete individual sentences, parts of sentences, parts of paragraphs, lone paragraphs, or partial sections (unless to remove references to other chapters of the third party text).

Special Notes

  • You must include ellipses to indicate that content in your Cognella text has been excerpted from an original source.
  • Works not under copyright (material in the public domain) are not subject to these policies.
  • Not all publishers allow excerpting or changes of any kind. The Cognella licensing team will be able to identify any instances of such prohibition during your licensing review.

If you have any questions regarding these guidelines, please talk to your project editor.