Consider the following before you start developing assessment questions:

  • How many questions will you aim for in each chapter?
  • What question types best suit your material?
  • What key terms are essential for students to memorize before they can use them in analysis and application?
  • In what situations would you expect students to encounter the concepts in practice?

Consider the following when reviewing your assessment questions:

  • Could students guess any correct answers based on complexity and/or plausibility?
    • Are all incorrect answers plausible?
    • Are the answer choices for each question similar in length?
    • Do all answer choices respond to the question stem with grammatical correctness?
  • Could students guess any correct answers after reading related questions?
  • Do any questions rely on correct answers to previous questions?
  • Are all answer choices structured to support effective randomization?
  • Are true/false questions used sparingly?
  • Are fill-in-the-blank items limited to one item per question?
  • Do fill-in-the-blank items include multiple variations of potential acceptable answers?
  • Does any question feedback give away the answers to any other questions?

Unsure of next steps or have additional questions? Ask your Cognella rep!