Recruiting Contributors

As the author, you will be responsible for finding and recruiting colleagues and experts who will contribute to your book. This may be an ongoing process (for example, if for any reason you must replace a contributor), but in general you want to recruit all your contributors early in the process. You may choose to do this through individual outreach or by drafting and distributing a call for contributors.

When reaching out to potential contributors, be sure to include:

  • The title and publisher of the book
  • The planned year of publication
  • A description of the book
  • The type of work you are soliciting, including:
    • Topic
    • Length
    • Citation style
  • The topic you would like covered
  • The relevant dates, including:
    • Date the first draft is due
    • Date they can expect to receive your edits
    • Date the final draft is due

If you need assistance in drafting a letter or a call for contributors, please consult your project editor.