Start with Your Project Editor's Recommendations

You have already connected—or are about to connect—with your project editor to discuss Active Learning activities for your project. Your PE and/or an instructional designer will confer with you to confirm which activity types best fit your project and share guidelines and samples for advice and inspiration. You can begin by picking an activity from this conversation.

Review Your Active Learning Plan

Your project editor may have already provided you with an Active Learning content development plan. If not, feel free to request one. An Active Learning plan is a useful reference point for recommended activities that our team thinks will support your project especially well. To accompany these recommendations, the plan also lists related resources—guides and templates—that will help you identify the content and formatting to include in your materials.

Depending on how far along you are in your manuscript-writing process, your Active Learning plan may also contain specific suggestions for exercises and corresponding topics.

Examine Sample Course Activities

Visit our sample course to review potential activity types. (To receive access to the sample course, request an invitation from your project editor.) The course’s examples highlight a variety of content areas and can give you a good sense of how different exercises look and function from the student perspective. Plus, they can inspire you to develop activities that support your own content.

You may wish to start by perusing the exercises organized by type and trying out the ones your project editor has recommended. Alternatively, scroll down the course’s Modules page to review a collection of activities in a discipline more closely aligned with your textbook’s subject (humanities, languages, social sciences, science, or statistics).