PowerPoint Decks

PowerPoint decks can be used by adopting instructors to illustrate major themes and key topics during in-class lectures. Although PowerPoint decks are often customized by each instructor, many adopters indicate that having a pre-made PowerPoint deck to work from is beneficial.

To Create a PowerPoint Deck

  • Request a PowerPoint template from your Cognella rep. Using a Cognella template ensures consistency and a clean, standard design.
  • Create a separate presentation for each chapter of your text. Begin each presentation with a slide that includes your book title, your name, the chapter number, and the chapter title.
  • Save each presentation using this naming convention: Author_ chapter title_chapter number (ex – Lacher_The American Constitution_01.ppt).
  • Use bullet points and images from your text to illustrate key themes and ideas. Include no more than five bullet points per slide, and keep the text concise. You may include robust talking points, book passages, or additional thoughts in the Notes section of the PPT deck so the instructor may refer to those notes throughout their lecture.
  • Any images you wish to include in your slides must be those that have been approved previously for your textbook. Do not insert the images; instead indicate their placement with the insert figure box in your template. Our production team will insert the most up-to-date version of the figure when preparing the files for distribution. More information on image use can be found on slide 1 in the PowerPoint template.


  • Create 10–20 slides per chapter—or one slide per heading for shorter chapters.
  • Refrain from including word-for-word excerpts from your book on your PowerPoint slides, even if they are brief. Instead, focus on fresh language and new insights that will help students understand and interpret the information presented within your text.