Test Banks

Test banks are pools of questions from which instructors can create graded quizzes, assessments, and exams. The questions are likely to be printed and distributed in class or could appear digitally in various test bank software programs.

To Create a Test Bank

  • Format each question according to the examples provided in the Test Bank Development Guide.
  • Create separate test banks for each chapter. This enables instructors to select questions that apply only to chapters they assign or combine questions from multiple chapters.
  • If you feel stuck, refer to the Guide to Creating Quality Assessments for more information on how to write test bank questions.


  • It is essential you format your test bank questions as they appear in the Test Bank Development Guide (linked above). Correct formatting for each and every question will ensure consistency and distribution compatibility.
  • Test bank questions should cover general knowledge students need to demonstrate competency in a subject. Questions should also cover text-specific concepts, examples, cases, or unique ideas presented.
  • Include a mix of difficulty levels, question types, and learning objectives.
  • Each test bank should include enough questions for instructors to create multiple versions of an exam (generally 15 to 20 questions per chapter).
  • Use an asterisk to indicate the correct answer within the test bank.
  • If you provide feedback alongside the answers, ensure the feedback references general sections or chapters rather than specific page numbers, which may vary in digital or adapted formats of the text.
  • Keep answers concise.